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Hello, my name is Yogi and Banana.

I am a third-grade student who runs cross country.  Running cross country can be both hard and easy because sometimes you run loops and get a break and sometimes you run for a long time.

I have friends in school and one of the games we like to play is Taxi.  The way we play the game is that we pretend that the hula-hoop is our car and we drive it. It’s fun!

You might be wondering about my blog name, The Yogi Banana Blog. I named it after my two parakeets named Banana and Yogi.  Banana always tries to sleep at night, but he can’t because Yogi pushes his off the log.  Banana tries to come back up to log but Yogi pushes him off again.  It is fun to watch them.  Banana loves to eat millet.  Millet is a wild birdseed.  Yogi just likes regular bird seeds.

In my blog, you will see more about Yogi and Banana and about cross country running.

9 thoughts on “All About Me”

  1. G’day Yogi and Banana,
    What unusual names for two parakeets! How did you decide on those names? I was expecting to see a bear eating bananas when I first saw the title of your blog.

    Sue – #stubc commenter

    1. Thanks for the response. I named Banana “Banana” because he is yellow like the fruit. Yogi got his name because when my dad was little, he had a parrot named Yogi, so I named him after my dad’s pet. I hope that answered your questions.

      Do you have a pet?

  2. Hi Yogi and Banana,

    I like your blog, and find it very interesting. The design is very elegant and futuristic, and that gives it a look-at-me bold look.

    Yogi and Banana are very interesting names for parakeets!


  3. @ Yogi Banana,

    I do cross country at my school, and I have done it for 2 years. It is cool that you own two parrots.


  4. Hello, I hope you are having a great day, and your parrots are better than ever. And I wonder if you have any other beloved pets of yours.

    – Michael

  5. Hello Yogi and Banana,
    Your parrots are really awesome. They seem really funny. I haven’t ever done cross country, but I did do track and field for one year. I mostly ran the 800 meter race. What race did you run mostly?
    If you want to check out my blog, here is the link.

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